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Delicious Japanese Soufflé Pancakes in Toronto
Although Japanese Soufflé Pancake is becoming the biggest food trend of the century, there is only handful of restaurants in Toronto who specializes in this field, and one among them is Fuwa Fuwa. In Japanese, “fuwa fuwa” means fluffy and the café’s Soufflé Pancakes stand true to its name – amazingly feathery, crazily soft and highly toothsome! It grabs the attention of pancake lovers because, here pancakes are not the usual ones, but a delicate balance between a soufflé and a traditional pancake, accompanied with tempting toppings. Tiramisu, matcha cream, red bean, mango, blueberry, nutella banana etc are few of its demanded flavours.Fuwa Fuwa is currently located in two prime locations of the urban – Downtown and Midtown. The café believes in celebrating each day. Thus it offers unbelievingly appetizing Soufflé Pancakes to assure that the people can rejoice in the diversity of Toronto with a touch of Japanese culture. They as well make sure not only to prepare each pancake with delectable ingredients but also to cook a second one, in case any customer gets disappointed with the initial one. One can make reservations, drop by or order online to satisfy his/her sweet tooth. AnnexAddress: 408 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON M5S 2N5 Phone: 647-618-2868